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The act would reinstate work requirements for able-bodied adults who apply for food stamps; reduce the amount of time they can receive food stamps from three years to three months; stop the 1.8 million individuals who are ineligible from continuing to cash in; and end taxpayer-funded advertising for the program. Over the past five years, participation in the food stamp program has doubled to 47.7 million Americans, a number roughly the size of the population of California, Oregon and Washington. There has been a 164 percent increase in the number of able-bodied adults without children on food stamps. Most of these adults are not working. While the changes would save roughly $4 billion of the $80 billion annually spent on the program, that is not the biggest reason to support the legislation. This bill should become law because the current program hurts the very people it was designed to help. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat, once said, “The issue of welfare is not what it costs those who provide it, but what it costs those who receive it.” Giving free food to an able-bodied adult for years without work requirements harms that person’s motivation, self-esteem, and dignity. Job searches are brutal on the ego, and government programs can act as a disincentive to keep on trying, ultimately delaying the satisfaction and self-respect that comes from earning a paycheck. Up to $10,000 a year in food stamps is a powerful incentive to stay home. Lacking attractive job options, a person might decide that a 20-hour-a-week retail or restaurant job is not worth it, even as a stop-gap measure until the economy improves. The status quo has an even more pernicious effect on children. One of the most profound ways parents demonstrate love for a child is by providing for his basic needs. Through their sacrifice, children experience love and learn from example what it means to be a good parent. When I was a kid, my dad was an appliance salesman at Sears and later a tire salesman.

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In the food business, it is about nickels and dimes. The systems that have an inclusive culture and really get their employees to share financial information do better than those that dont, he said. Whats the biggest mistake people make? Failing to understand business finance, Stites said. Ideally, the franchiser will provide net-profit information, but even that can be confusing to some new franchisees, he said. Net profit is not your take-home salary, he said. Youve got to pay taxes out of that, reinvest in the business, pay back your loans out of that profit. If a business generates $100,000 a year in profit, your actual take-home as the business owner might be half or even less than that. Another big mistake: failing to understand the time it can take to break even. Franchising is a great model but its not a silver bullet, get-rich-quick-overnight thing, Stites said. Generally, the people that are making money in the franchise world are operators whove been doing it for five, 10, 20 years. A lot of people come in thinking, Within a year or two, Ill be paying myself a six-figure salary. That doesnt generally happen, Stites said. Unfortunately, a lot of people run out of cash. Thats the No. 1 reason for franchise closures. Andrea Coombes is a personal-finance writer and editor in San Francisco. She’s on Twitter @andreacoombes.

For example, one of the network’s first employees sent a cake with her resume and was hired, even though the cake was made from a mix. The network’s 1996 election night coverage included a sheet cake depicting the United States, and states were frosted either red for Republicans or blue for Democrats as the returns came in. And an episode of the show “Too Hot Tamales” aired with an unplanned clip of pornography spliced in, leading to visits from the FBI. Other treats: “Iron Chef America” contestants were given three possibilities for the show’s secret ingredient 24 hours before the episode was shot, a fact that wasn’t revealed to viewers, and Emeril Lagasse was self-conscious about his bald spot, so a makeup artist used a black cosmetic powder to cover it up. To get these morsels, Salkin talks to an impressive array of people, including many of the stars. In addition to Lagasse, he tells readers he interviewed Rachael Ray, Anthony Bourdain, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Mario Batali and Bobby Flay. Salkin acknowledges that some stars snubbed him. Among those who declined to be interviewed at length: Alton Brown, Ina Garten, Robert Irvine and Giada De Laurentiis. Salkin manages to dish about them anyway. There is one weakness in the book that Salkin concedes from the outset. There are a lot of characters.

Overall, it seems that Cornellians are more than happy to participate in all their collegiate dining services has to offer. 7UMass Amherst, Amherst, Mass. UMass Amherst UMass Amherst might seem like another large school with plenty of food options, but their dining service program really knows how to please its students. Late-night dining is found in almost every dining hall on campus (as well as one delivering food as late as 4 a.m.)! And why wouldnt you want to order this campus food around the clock? Blackened tilapia, chicken breast schnitzel with chipotle salsa, and Irish coffee bread pudding with Kahlua sauce are only a few of the delicious dining hall offerings. While many students rave about Baby Berk, the burger and taco food truck conveniently located on campus, the school’s pledge to stay local and organic is not overlooked. Through their “Real Food Challenge Campus Commitment,” UMass Amherst hopes their food will be at least 20 percent locally grown and fairly traded. And if their Composting Program and Local Purchasing Program didnt convince you enough, theres a farmers’ market on campus that is entirely student-run. Additionally, students can enjoy a slew of social dining events every semester, such as the Spring Fling BBQ that precedes an intense Dance Dance Revolution competition. Their highly impressive dedication to satisfying the student body and the planet places them high in our rankings. 8Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Ga. Kennesaw State If you needed to describe Kennesaw State Universitys dining services in one word, it would be “originality.” They do everything they can to provide their students with the most exciting dining services possible, and theyre doing a great job. Jenifer Duggan, the school’s director of culinary and hospitality services, told us that KSUs dining services changes menus constantly, providing students with more than 150 new dishes each day.