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So we get in the studio. J.R. — by that point, we were in every session with Earl. He recorded every session with us. Whether we produced the song or not we would be in the session with him, just helping him out. J.R. was like, “I need you guys for this RZA session. RZAs there, and were playing him all the new Earl stuff weve done for the album so far.” RZA was like, “You guys dont need music from me.” “No, no, no, we need a song from you!” Me and my brother, were 31, so we grew up on Raekwon, RZA, GZA and all that stuff. We know their sound very well — the mathematics and all that. And RZA just figured, you know, we got it together. He started playing us some beats that sounded like some Bobby Digital stuff, and we were like, “Nah.” Im thinking, “Thats not what we need.” Youre the first person that knows this, but RZA walks out of the room, and leaves his beat machine sitting there. I go to it, and there are all these different samples — not beats, just samples — on each pad. I was like, “[Screw] this.” Earls in there, and Im like, “Look I gotta find a loop so we can [play] with it.” I had Julian the engineer start recording, and I started going through all these different pads until we found this one crazy loop. We were like, “Yo, were gonna use this.” We found what ended up being “Molasses,” but then as Im working with the loop and the beat machine, RZA walks into the room and looks at me like, “What the are you doing touching my machine?” But we all got a real good vibe at that point, so hes like, “Its all good. Whatever.” Instead of filling a beat around it, he was like, “Yo, lets just rock to this.” We left the sample the way it was because its like a real classic Wu-Tang/RZA beat. And the sample abruptly ended, and Earl was like, “Yo, just leave it like that.” I asked RZA to give us a freestyle — give us a verse so we can turn it into a hook, and that man got to eight minutes straight. I actually have video footage of it. Its funny. Ironically, Earl and Tyler are really into people with freckles or something, so its ironic that he said, “Ill the freckles off your face.” Its so incredible, and RZA was convinced that [Earl] really didnt need a beat from him. But Im glad it worked out that way.

Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’ Got A Country Remix, And It Somehow Works!

“She has this kind of sassy comedic undertone, which Jace brings out in her as well as Simon,” she said. “She doesn’t choose to become part of this other world. She already is a Shadowhunter. Unlike Bella who chose to become a vampire, Clary is already a Shadowhunter, and she doesn’t let romance define her. She’s on this single track to get her mom back, and she doesn’t victimize herself. She’s always thinking of new answers to questions instead of kind of letting people solve them for her.” One question Clary’s real-life alter ego had to answer while filming was, how do I run in these heels? “It was difficult, but I never fell once,” Collins said. “Any awkwardness as Lily running around in hells and a short dress I could just play off as Clary. So, really, it worked out for me.” Yes, it would seem Clary Fray is the Beyonce of Shadowhunters especially after we learned of one particular on-set demand Collins had. “I did ask for a personal fan to be blowing at all times on my face,” she joked. “Like a crazy fan?” co-star Jamie Campbell Bower asked, miming an admirer blowing on Collins’ face. “Jamie sometimes did it for me,” she said.

While some of us are having ugly-cry temper tantrums over the fact that summer is almost over (aka me), Beyonce just keeps on DOMINATING the season! Posting a few new photos to her Tumblr , Bey’s been having all kinds of fun-in-the-sun moments, like, say, shopping for junk food at a corner store. At first I was like, “OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD! Bey and I have SO MUCH in common — we BOTH love scarfing down empty calories in the summer heat!” Then, after downing gallons of Skittles to celebrate, we saw the harsh reality that we really are nothing like her. BecauseBeyonce CLEARLY has will pow er in these situations, and we… Well, we’re reaching for another bag of candy. Check our more of Beyonce’s pefect summer after the jump! Sure, summer shadow selfies are overplayed, but Beyonce’s aren’t! Taking a breakfrom her ” Mrs. Carter World Tour ” to soak in the last days of summer, the MTV VMA nominee also snapped an adorbz shadow selfie with her daughter, Blue Ivy ! Based on these and other seasonal pics ( getting a new haircut , biking the Brooklyn Bridge , and earning superhero status ), we’re thinking Beyonce’s next business endeavor should be a coffee-table book entitled “How To Live Your Best Life: Summer Edition.” But, um, let’s hold off on that project until after Beyonce’s supposed new album comes out. (No, seriously, Bey… WHEN?!!!!!) Photo credit: i

Rihanna vs. Beyonce – Hottest Star of 2013, Round 1

But, of course, in addition to her latest sold out tour, Beyonce does bring 16 Grammy Awards and 88 million albums sold worldwide to the picture, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. (Source: Billboard 10/21/2012) Her latest trek, dubbed The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, kicked off in April with a 34-date swing through Europe. It was sold out. A 27-date North American leg from late June through early August also sold out, according to Felina Martinez at Currently the Houston native is scheduled to appear at the V-Festival in England on August 17 and 18, before performing at the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia on August 31 and September 1, 2013. The singer has a five-date South American schedule for the rest of the month, before reopening the second North American leg of her tour at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 30, 2013. After December stops in San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Toronto, Washington D.C and Brooklyn the tour is set to wrap at the TD Garden in Boston, Mass. on December 20, 2013. Beyonce is at the top of her game and extremely popular, said Felina Martinez at online ticket marketplace Many of her upcoming dates are selling out quickly.

On Twitter, Beyoncé can spell, Justin Bieber kant

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The worst, grammatically tweeting? DJ Pauly D, along with Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, according to a review by writing app Grammarly. Post to Facebook On Twitter, Beyonce can spell, Justin Bieber kant on Incorrect please try again A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 16 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs On Twitter, Beyonce can spell, Justin Bieber kant Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY 6:29 p.m. EDT August 16, 2013 Writing app Grammarly unveils fewer mistakes in tweets by female and older musicians, Latin act, rockers and pop stars. Beyonce performs during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour at the Barclays Center Aug. 3 in New York. (Photo: Kevin Mazur) SHARE 181 CONNECT 112 TWEET 16 COMMENTEMAILMORE In Twitter’s music realm, Beyonce wins the spelling bee.

Beyoncé Gets A Pob! Let’s Revisit The Singer’s Greatest Hair Hits

15, 2013 8:05 PM PDT Loading… OHPIX/ Look who wanted to shake things up already! A week after Beyoncecaused a small style earthquake when she showed off an impossibly chic blond pixie cut that took more thanfour hours to get just so, she’s already sporting a new, longer ‘do! Today at lunch in Miami with hubby Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy, Mrs. Carter rocked a choppy, longer-in-front bobwith the help of some extensions, of course, so theoretically she can go back to the pixie at any time. PHOTOS: The best of the Beyonce haircut memes OHPIX/ She’s probably luxuriating in her fabulous short hair right now somewhere, in fact. But we understand why Bey may have been craving a little swing in her stepthe 31-year-old singer had long hair for pretty much ever. Anyway, she kept today’s style in check with a gold Ellen Hunter headband (What, the tiara was at the jeweler’s?) and looked every bit the superstar in short-shorts, aviator shades, oxfords and a loose tank-top that read “Name Brand.” But we do hope she hasn’t already tired of the pixie. It’s fab. “I think it is sexy, strong, a statement, empowering,” colorist Rita Hazan, who toiled for hours to give Beyonce her new blond hue, told E! News. “She always had beautiful, gorgeous tons of hair and for her to strip down and reveal herself this way is a very powerful moment.” Instagram

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Posted 8/16/13 12:10 pm EST by Maeve Keirans in Beauty Beyonce debuts her new, longer hair. Photo: Splashnews So long, pixie cut ! Last week the web went cray when Beyonce debuted her new ‘do on Instagram . Just when we were getting used to a world with a short-haired Beyonce, she changed it up on us again. Yesterday in Miami, Bey stepped out with an asymmetrical bob. It’s verrrry short in the back, though not pixie-short (pixie, we hardly knew ye) and chin-length in the front. Though the words “mullet” and “Beyonce” have probably never before been used in the same sentence, it’s kinda a reverse mullet? A stylish mullet, obviously, but it is totally a party in the front and business in the back. Or “Single Ladies” Beyonce in the front and “If I Were a Boy” Beyonce in the back, if you will. While it’s hard to even curr what’s below the new ‘do, Queen Bey has on a Gifted Apparel “Brand Name” crop top, jean shorts (#jorts), and striped, lace-up espadrille flats. She accessorized with reflective, blue-lensed aviators and a gold, laurel-wreath headband crown (#bowdown) across her forehead, keeping her new locks under control. Is the future full of pop stars drastically changing their hair every week? Two weeks ago , it was Rihanna , now Bey. Who will be next? Your move, Katy Perry . We’ll expect something BIG at the VMAs . Like us on Facebook so we can be friends and follow us on Twitter @MTVstyle to talk.

Beyonce ditches pixie cut, debuts blond bob hairdo

Let’s Revisit The Singer’s Greatest Hair Hits Grazia 7 hours ago Print [Images: Beyonce’s Instagram and @Bey_Exclusive] Last weekBeyonce went all Ellen DeGeneres, as she posted pictures of her new pixie crop on her Tumblr page. But Bey’s hair wheel didn’t stop spinning for long, as she has gone from a Mia Farrow crop to a Victoria Beckham circa 2006 pob in just one week. Bey is in Miami sporting a shoulder-length bob, which is longer in the front than the back. A reverse mullet, you could say. She is having a hair flashback, as she has been spotted accessorising her new ‘do with a ‘around the forehead’ headband. A little 2008? Beyoncehas kept the champagne highlights (for now). Her colourist Rita Hazan spoke to Fashionista about the new hue and said: ‘I highlighted her strands one small area at a time. I was very precise in how I placed the highlights and wanted the color to be soft and sexy. For this, I chose to highlight her hair with champagne and summer blonde tones. By strategically highlighting her whole head in very tiny sections, we achieved the perfect look.’ She also added ‘I think she was ready for a big change.’ Yep, we don’t think Bey has a problem with change. Perhaps she is on a mission to see how much media coverage one person can get from a haircut? So which style should Beyonce go for next? See Bey’s hair-volution in the gallery below… Cara Delevingne is one of the worlds most sought-after supermodels and Sienna Miller is a style icon in her own right. Watch now

Beyoncé Grows on Us, Sports Blond Bob With a Little Help From Her Extension Friends

Posted 8/15/13 5:30 pm EST by Rachel Brodsky in Celebrity , Music Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” got a country remix, and honestly, it’s not that bad! No, really! We love Beyonce , and we’ll still ” Bow Down ” to any little thing she does, but MAN! Our heads are straight spinning from all of her mysterious singles, remixes, and more remixes (but no new album news — UGH!). Did she release ” Grown Woman “? Did she release ” Standing On The Sun “? Did she release that awesome “Standing On The Sun” reggae remix ? Did she release this EVEN BETTER “Grown Woman” country remix? That’s right, we said “country.” And it’s not half bad. Listen to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” country remix after the jump. As we’ve come to expect from Beyonce (or not expect, as the case may be), we can’t say for sure whether this country-fried remix is an official release, or if it came straight from someone brilliant person’s laptop. (We’re leaning toward some brilliant person’s laptop.) But we’re not gonna worry about that for now — we’re just going to sit back, relax, and let these soothing, twangy (that’s right, WE SAID TWANGY) chords wash over us. Or, in network speak, Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”-gone-country could play on BET, CMT, MTV, VH1… It could be ubiquitous! Much like the VMA nominee herself! (Even if she does insist on not telling us anything. #It’sFine. #We’reDealing.)

Beyonce takes a shadow selfie with Blue Ivy.

Is Beyonce ‘s pixie cut already dust? Just one week after Queen Bey stunned fans by ditching her flowing mane for a chic and sleek shorter ‘do, she was spotted Thursday sporting a longer asymmetrical blond bob. Pichichi / Splash News/Pichichi / Splash News Beyonce’s hair is chic at any length! The singer shows off another new ‘do. The 31-year-old Mrs.Carter debuted her latest look while out to lunch in Miami with hubby Jay Z and the couple’s daughter Blue Ivy. The singer’s “Beyhive” may be going through some changes, but the star exuded her usual fabulousness rocking denim short-shorts, a loose “Name Brand” tank, a pair of aviator shades and a gold headband. Pichichi / Splash News/Pichichi / Splash News Beyonce seen here pushing daughter Blue Ivy’s stroller. When Beyonce first revealed the striking new style last week in a series of Instagram pics, she left some wondering if she had been hiding the cropped cut under a wig this whole time. “This is all fresh!” celebrity stylist and Beyonce’s colorist Rita Hazan confirmed to the Daily News explaining that Beyonce did indeed shred her locks. Beyonce via Instagram Beyonce’s debuted a new short pixie cut in a series of Instagram photos last Wednesday night. “I got there and it was like, oh my God, she totally cut it off!” Hazan said.

‘Mortal Instruments’ Clary Fray: The Beyonce Of Shadowhunters?

Rodriguez/ Ezra Shaw, Getty Images Rihanna and Beyonce , two of musics most smoldering ladies, are up for the title of Hottest Female Star of 2013 . In this fan-voted competition, eight female will go head-to-head in duels, as will eight males, in order to crown the Hottest Star of 2013. So, who gets your vote in this versus battle RiRi or Bey? Rihanna is all about flaunting her toned body, whether its dancing on stage or posing suggestively for her Instagram pics. The singer even performed at the Victorias Secret Fashion show last winter! If youre still not convinced of her sex appeal, just give S&M a listen. Theres no doubt that Beyonce has ruled 2013. From her leather-clad halftime show at the Super Bowl to her dance-heavy Pepsi commercial, Queen Bey is constantly reminding us that its her world and were just living in it. Would you expect anything less from the woman who coined the term bootylicious? Which singer is turning up the heat this year? Rihanna or Beyonce? You can vote up to once per hour below until this poll closes on Aug. 30, at 2PM ET.