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When summarizing plots, people on the site are prompted to use keywords that have been used to describe previous movies , yielding tags that characterize particular genres (cult-film), locations (manhattan-new-york), or story elements (tied-to-a-chair). Each keyword was given a score based on its rarity when compared to previous work. If some particular plot point like, say, beautiful-woman had appeared in many movies that preceded a particular film, it was given a low novelty value. But a new element perhaps martial-arts, which appeared infrequently in films before the 60s was given a high novelty score when it first showed up. The scores ranged from zero to one, with the least novel being zero. Lining up the scores chronologically showed the evolution of film culture and plots over time. The results appeared Sept. 26 in Nature Scientific Reports . The researcher behind the findings, physicist Sameet Sreenivasan of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, was at first somewhat surprised at some of his results. You always hear about how the period from 1929 to 1950 was known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, he said. There were big movies with big movie stars. But if you look at novelty at that time, you see a downward trend. This result is likely familiar to any student of film history, who knows that this golden age also corresponded to a time when nearly all movies were produced and released by a handful of studios. The Big Five in particular reigned supreme through the practice of block booking.

All Rights Reserved. Photo by Hopper Stone Captain Phillips (PG-13) ‘Captain Phillips,’ a taut, finely crafted, superbly acted maritime thriller, is just one of a wave of fabulous films heading our way. Its autumn, my friends, a time of falling leaves and soaring cinematic standards. Hallelujah, and pass the buttered popcorn. Ann Hornaday The Summit (R) Because The Summit jumps around in time and because the events on the mountain happened over two days and at locations often far apart, the already garbled chronology of deaths is made even more confusing. Michael OSullivan When Comedy Went to School (Unrated) At first, the movie sets out to prove that the mountain resort was the seminal location for mid-century Jewish comedians to get their start. But after so many detours into other terrain, the movie feels muddled and unwieldy. Stephanie Merry The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (R) Wright and Mackie have small parts, playing a homeless veteran and a pimp, respectively. Like all the other grown-up actors, their work is fine and tightly focused. But its Brooks and Dizon that youre not likely to forget. They may be tiny little kids, but they deliver outsize performances. Michael OSullivan Escape from Tomorrow (Unrated) As a social critique, ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ is weak. At times, the filmmaker seems to suggest that Disneys mechanistic manipulation of the imagination after all, its park designers are called imagineers is stifling original thought. Michael OSullivan Machete Kills (R) Bad acting, narrative illogic, inattention to character development and storytelling so choppy that the film seems to have been edited with a, well, machete are what you expect from a movie like this, which originated as a fake trailer incorporated into the 2007 film Grindhouse. Michael OSullivan Romeo and Juliet (PG-13) ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ remains, as do the plays other most famous lines, but screenwriter Julian Fellowes, the creator of ‘Downton Abbey,’ has dumbed down much of the remaining dialogue. Does that mean it will appeal to a broader audience? Its possible cursing ‘zounds’ is so 1597, after all but replacing existing text with old adages about the road to hell being paved with good intentions or striking while the iron is hot comes across as lazy. Stephanie Merry A.C.O.D. (R) The cast is uniformly strong, with standout performances from Lynch, OHara, Jenkins, Poehler and Howard. Jessica Alba also makes a nice, if brief, appearance as a fellow child of divorce with whom Carter almost cheats on Lauren. And Winstead brings surprising depth to a small role, in which she has little to do except wait for her boyfriend to grow up, or to at least let go of his cynicism about love. Michael OSullivan We Are What We Are (R) The films rendering of emotion is sensitive, and the acting uniformly fine, with an unrecognizable cameo by Kelly McGillis as the Parkers nosy, doomed neighbor. None of the story threads generate much mystery, however, and only the kind of suspense that comes from waiting for the inevitable, crudely foreshadowed climax. Michael OSullivan The Post Most:Entertainment

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Networks often take them down within a few days, and not every show is available online for free. So this method of watching specific shows on their sites or their network’s site only works for series that you follow actively and plan to watch within a few days of a new episode airing. There are other ways to get hot episodes and recently released movies, though, but it’ll cost you. Specific Shows and Movies (Paid) When you’ve exhausted your free options and can’t find the specific television show you want to watch (in a legal way), you can turn to either a la carte services or subscriptions. Here are some of the best. iTunes (the software is free; prices for content vary) is one of the most best sources for single episodes as well as season packs of thousands of television shows for a few dollars. You’ll often see an option to rent content to save a little bit of money. When you buy television episodes or movies through iTunes, you can download them and watch them offline, which is good to know if you want to save a video to an iOS device and watch it while on a flight without having to pay for Wi-Fi. You can watch iTunes content on any device that can connect to your Apple account. Amazon Instant Video (free for service; prices for content vary) is the other giant in this space, and it offers a similar service. You can buy single episodes and movies for just a little money. And note that you don’t need an Amazon Prime account ($80 per year) to buy and watch a single episode, season pack, or movie.

This movie is filmmaking at its best. It doesnt get better than this, people. Captain Phillips is what you get when everything about filmmaking goes right. Any spoilers will be clearly marked so you can avoid reading them if you so choose. Captain Phillips opens in Baltimore on October 11, 2013. The Good Unbelievable. Stupendous. Incredible. Fantastic. Superb. Is that enough material for the DVD box quote yet? I have been reviewing films for a number of years and I have been watching them for most of my life. Captain Phillips may just be the best one Ive seen to date. It may not be the kind of film you want to watch over and over again, but that doesnt mean its not one of the best out there.

Movie review: ‘Captain Phillips’, 11 out of 10, Movies Don’t Get Better


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