Food-stamp Aid Swells Amid Criticism

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Others are new and had no idea they were eligible. That happens a lot, especially when I work in Delaware County, Keller said. They dont know about this at all. The affluent county, however, has seen its food-stamp rolls increase 60 percent since June 2007, to more than 7,000 recipients. Keller usually meets people by appointment at a Delaware library. But last week she signed someone up at a McDonalds. Transportation was an issue for him, she said. Keller is one of 22 food-stamp outreach workers employed through a partnership program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and its partner agencies. Although the outreach program was operating last week, Ohios grants for the next fiscal year had not been approved by the time the federal government shut down. Local advocates were deciding whether to continue services. Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, the food-banks association executive director, said food-stamp outreach formalized in Ohio after both Republican and Democratic legislators asked advocates what they were doing to reduce the need for state money to assist overwhelmed food pantries.

Fast-food giants want pizza the action in Africa

Would such a dish have found any takers 10 years ago? says Kalra, hastening to add that the look and taste of all these dishes will still be Indian. The mint-chocolate samosas are Chef Limayes version of the molten lava at Auriga The new cuisine To explain the evolution of what is also being called Mash-up cuisine, Chef Nilesh Limaye from Auriga, a month-old South East Asian restaurant at Mahalaxmi, goes back to 1999 when the city saw a first burst of restaurants serving Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine. This was the time restaurants such as Olive, Mainland China and Indigo brought authentic delicacies from all over the world on a platter. A decade later, the way people eat has changed, as many more citizens, having travelled the world and watched culinary shows on TV, have developed a palate that is curious enough to go beyond the ordinary, says Limaye. An interesting factor that has further developed the new trend is the relatively sudden rise in the number of converted-vegetarians, vegans and those who want organic or gluten-free foods. Indian cuisine is vast with its regional flavours, textures and ingredients. People understand that an ingredient such as coriander can do wonders to a dish, but an overdose could play spoilsport. The new-age chef only takes inspiration from cuisines, and creates a dish, which is measured for taste and texture. The Indian Chinese was a byproduct of rigid taste buds. This is a mash up, the result of matured palates wanting something new, says Limaye. Masala Library at BKC servcesPesto Kebabs with Parmesan Papad.

Brands — owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut — is expanding into Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. An upwardly mobile, confident, Western-leaning and young consumer class bodes well for an American burger boom. Elias Schulze, The Africa Group The Louisville-based restaurant giant already has outlets in 14 African countries , with more than 700 KFCs in South Africa and plans to open a further 45 stores in 2013. Read this: South Africans thirsty for craft beer And with growing political and economic stability, Western fast food brands are approaching the region with a renewed sense of optimism, according to Schulze. He said KFC is an established brand on the continent today, adding: “My general sense is that markets beyond South Africa in sub-Saharan Africa are in the investing phase given their level of infancy and may not have reached a payback point quite yet.” And more big players are beginning to follow suit. In May, Burger King opened for business in South Africa and last year Domino’s — the U.S. pizza chain — opened its first African store in Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation. With two stores already, Domino’s is planning to launch three more African branches by the end of this year. A taste of Nigerian street food Burger King arrives in South Africa Procter & Gamble see African opportunity Love for meat unites South Africans? To cater to local tastes, the pizza chain launched a Chicken Jollof pizza — a rice-based dish popular to West Africa — and a Suya special, consisting of spicy marinated meat. Charbel Antoun, partner at Eat N Go, which helped launch Domino’s in Nigeria, said that adapting the menu to the local culture and food was crucial to the brand’s success.

New Age Fusion Food: The latest trend to hit Mumbai

Though they have been chatting virtually, the group decided to meet for the first time on Wednesday. “When we crossed the figure of 250, I thought it was time to actually meet,” says Sukhada Chaudhary, a young engineer who started the activity. “I was in Bangalore for sometime. There I first heard of such an activity being taken up by the youths,” she says. Being a food lover, Chaudhary was interested in knowing about different foods available in the city. “Peer recommendation is the best form of getting correct information,” she adds. Launched on May 12 this year with 50 young food lovers, the site has blossomed and buzzing with hot news about unique foods of Nagpur. With the mean age of the group being around 26 years, street food, snack items and offbeat stuff is popular here. “Foodies go for taste and not appearance,” feels Pranay Patil, an engineer active on the site. “Tier 2 cities have some gem of joints tucked away in bylanes. We need to dig them out and share them with others. This will promote food appreciation in the city,” says Ankit Jaiswal, a young entrepreneur. A casual query about where to eat authentic south Indian and Bengali food by Alok Patro from Orissa, employed in a city firm, elicits a flood of suggestions. “Try Veeraswami, Coffee House and Gokul Vrindavan, they are the best bets.