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1, the focus will be on an area organizers say will feature the largest red carpet in history. This years event will be very special for parade attendees as we will be presenting all of the musical performances on the red carpet area in front of the grandstands, said Jim Romanovich, president of worldwide media at Associated Television International, which is producing the telecast. The organizers plan to submit the size of the red carpet to Guinness World Records. They also claim that the parade will have more celebrities than any other. The hosts again this year are Erik Estrada (Worlds Funniest Moments, CHiPS) and Laura McKenzie (Worlds Funniest Moments, Laura McKenzies Traveler). Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Ripleys Believe It or Not!) and Montel Williams (The Montel Williams Show) will again this year be featured hosts. The 82nd annual Hollywood Christmas Parade this year takes an international approach with bands from Canada, Australia and Guatemala. The grand parade that loops from Hollywood Boulevard to Sunset Boulevard is being held closer to holiday season than usual. In past years, it has typically been in late November, right after Thanksgiving. According to Romanovich, the ATI telecast will be shown on the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel and will be distributed in syndication worldwide. It will also be shown on the American Forces Network and online. This year, as in the past several years, the parade will be produced in association with the City of Los Angeles (Mayor Eric Garcetti). The parade will benefit Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. A pre-show will be held on the red carpet one hour before the parade begins at 6 p.m.

What exactly was Urwand shouting about? Hitler, of course, was dead by that point, and the war in Europe was over; their host was General George Marshall. The studio heads had not only visited the Rhine but also the death camp at Dachau. They had seen firsthand one of the sites where the murder of the Jews had taken place, Urwand writes. But after returning to the US, they did not put it on the screen. Thats the last thing in his book. So even when there was no more money to be made by collaborating with Hitler, the Jews who ran the studios still didnt expose his crimes against their people! The boat trip at the end is really kind of fatuous, Thomson says. It makes the book seem more reckless than it might be. Urwand also makes a mistake historians are supposed to avoid: instead of exploring the historical context around his central characters, he judges them by what we subsequently learned. Yes, the studio heads failed to see that the Holocaust was coming. But as Doherty has written, in the 1930s the Nazis had not yet become what they are now: a universal emblem for absolute evil. From our perspective, the rise of Nazism looks like a linear trajectory, a series of accelerating events terminating inevitably at the gates of Auschwitz. But at the time, the endgame of Nazism was not so clear. Most Americans, including the Hollywood moguls, had no inkling of the horrors to come. Theres a deeper issue for some of the critics. People like Denby object to the book in part because it comes close to arguing that the Jews who ran Hollywood were so greedy they would cooperate with Hitler himself, selling out their own people to make money. Its an age-old anti-Semitic trope.