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‘Swingland’: Hollywood writer’s swinger lifestyle results in rejection, injury, and lots of sex

and South Africa, and people are working out of school. In South Africa it’s more consolidated. I think the film industry is growing but not everyone has the equipment. sSo you have to go through agencies. It’s as if we were flying here and had to ask Paramount: can we use your film crew?” That “Thula” was a small, crowdfunded, independent production didn’t matter. “To them we’re from LA we’re flying to South Africa,” said Talbot. Biggs notes that while there are strong tax incentives for studio pictures to pick up sticks and shoot in South Africa, the same breaks don’t exist for independent productions. Crowdfunding Lessons The budget for “Thula” came together in what is now the new old fashioned way: crowdfunding. While the team had worked together before on a web series–” Debt Collectors “–but like many indies on YouTube they have not been able to convert YouTube viewers into a large fan base. So when it came time to rally the budget that wasn’t a ready option. What they did have was each other. “One thing that I learned is that when you are doing crowdfunding it’s important to have a crew,” said Bland.

Two men have been arrested after the American film director, Michael Bay, was allegedly assaulted in Quarry Bay while working on his latest film, Transformers Four as the two men demanding money from the film crew. CAPTION By Associated Press, HONG KONG Hollywood director Michael Bay was attacked and slightly injured Thursday on the set of the fourth installment of the Transformers movie series currently filming in Hong Kong, police said. A Hong Kong police spokeswoman said two brothers surnamed Mak who own a shop near the movie set approached Bay and demanded 100,000 Hong Kong dollars ($13,000). Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas When Bay refused to pay, they assaulted him, she said. The brothers also allegedly assaulted three police officers who were called to the set. The spokeswoman said Bay suffered a minor injury to his face but declined medical treatment. She spoke on customary condition of anonymity. The two men, aged 27 and 28, were arrested and face charges of blackmail, assault and assaulting police officers, she said. Paramount Pictures gave a somewhat different account of the incident, which it said occurred on the films first day of production in Hong Kong. It said in a statement that a man allegedly under the influence of a narcotic substance rushed onto the set wielding an air conditioning unit and swung it at Bays head. It said Bay ducked and wrestled the air conditioning unit away from the man. Police arrested the man and two companions, and no one on the set was injured, Paramount said. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is partly set in Hong Kong. It stars Mark Wahlberg and is to be released next June.

‘Slave’ Writer: Hollywood Making GOP Mistake of Not Tracking Blacks

The group has its own rules and lexicon and is fiercely self-protective. It takes Stern about two years of cruising websites, networking and successful encounters to build up a roster of partners to meet for playtime. As he racks up the certs (positive certifications or testimonials) from former lovers on his website profiles, his dance card stays full, playing as often as three times a week. But happy endings arent always guaranteed. Stern confides one of the hazards of swinging: unrelenting, soul-crushing, suicide-inducing rejection. Once he becomes indoctrinated, he enjoys the variety and unpredictability, and finds it difficult to go back to a Vanilla life. Sterns writing is engaging, but the book should be 100 pages shorter. Much of the advice is repetitive and takes the reader out of the narrative. Its the misadventures in Swingland crazy mismatched couples, hotel rooms crowded with nude strangers and sexting at work that draw readers in. The chapters on exact email wording to attract partners get tedious, and advice on preparing for a swinging experience from hygiene, to clothing, to manners is similar to the regular dating world, and not revelatory. There are dozens of explicit sexual encounters in the book, but those looking for erotic fiction may be disappointed by Sterns matter-of-fact descriptions. Its more 50 Nights of Play than Fifty Shades of Grey. Most swingers only use a first name or pseudonym, and rarely discuss their personal lives. Perhaps this detachment prevents Stern from delving into how swinging affects relationships with his family and friends.

Hollywood director Michael Bay attacked on Hong Kong set of latest ‘Transformers’ movie

A man spurs his team of cows as they compete in the Pacu Jawi on Oct. 12 in Batusangkar, Indonesia. The annual race is held by the Minangkabau people in muddy rice fields to celebrate the end of the harvest season. Jockeys grab the tails of the bulls and skate across the mud while balancing on a wooden plank. The race shows the strength of the bulls, which are later auctioned to buyers.

He was very exacting in terms of what he wanted in the story, but I never had to worry about the next writer coming in. Also read: 5 Reasons 12 Years a Slave Is No Oscar Lock: Backlash, the Unseen and McQueen Was that a priority for you? Its taken a few years to get here, but I really try to put myself in situations where I can have ownership of that material. All Is By My Side, the Hendrix movie, was written on spec. 12 Years a Slave was spec. When youre young, you can go through all the ups and downs, but when you get older you dont want to just be one of 12, or one of five. And career-wise, very fortunately I could step away and not chase every single thing that came down the pike. I could go, This one may take longer or this one may not have that monetary benefit up front, but in the end its going to be worth it. So how did you get to the point where you could do things where you had ownership? There was a first phase where the films I got to be involved with had sort of a reckless abandon and a youth to them, like Three Kings and Undercover Brother. And right at that time I did this L.A. riots script at Universal for Spike Lee, which got to be a little bit of a legendary script. It made the Blacklist, and the people who read it all really loved it. I got paid my full fee, I was working with a manager and Spike who were very protective of me and the process, and then everything fell apart. The economy fell apart, the city shut down for a while, and when people came back they werent making movies on the same scale. And I really was able to look at the situation and go, What am I going to do next? And because of things like U-Turn and Three Kings and Undercover Brother, I got to pick a little bit more of what I wanted to do.