On Movies: Joseph Gordon-levitt’s ‘don Jon’: Getting Past That Objectification Thing

I got a lot accomplished this year and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone who helped film to make this video happen. The best riding of the year is still to come! I would like to thank Raceface Components and Ryders Eyewear for the support they gave me all season long. You need to upgrade your Flash Player Views:476 Faves:25 Comments:9 Add to my Favorites Lone Wolf In Whistler: No tripods, no stabilizers, just doin’ it the old school way. Did some skids, made a huck, got loose. Pretty much a summary of seven weeks of Whistler squashed into one edit with Jack O’hare killin’ it. You need to upgrade your Flash Player Marae TV – Lifestyles EP#7: Back to Europe for the boys, hitting up Prague for the PGDT street race, parties and experiencing the city’s sights and culture! You need to upgrade your Flash Player Views:1748 Faves:21 Comments:1 Add to my Favorites Dean Lucas: For 2014 we are proud to announce Dean Lucas as a factory Rowney Sports Rider. We will provide full support through the Australian National Series, Victorian State Series, National Championships, and Ocianas. The Elevation All Mountain series will also be in the 2013/14 schedule for Dean.

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. . . It felt like a challenge, and it felt funny.” And the idea of directing himself? How did that feel? Daunting? “There’s no room for doubt,” he insists, conceding that he did have his doubts earlier in the writing process. “You know, those voices in your head: ‘Maybe this isn’t the one I should do. I don’t know if I’m really good enough to do this, other people could do this better’ – you always have those feelings, those thoughts. I think anybody who’s making anything has those thoughts and feelings. And I certainly did.” But then Gordon-Levitt finished the first draft of his script and showed it to Rian Johnson, his director on Looper and Brick. “And when Rian said you really have something here, from that point forward I was resolved to leave my doubts aside and finish the thing.” It didn’t hurt any that he had spent 2011 working with Johnson, and with Christopher Nolan on Inception and Steven Spielberg on Lincoln.

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The process is surprisingly painless. And unlike with Hulu, you can watch your shows without commercial interruptions. At its foundation, HitBliss is like most on-demand video sites. You have the option to pay for a movie with Visa or MasterCard, but by watching less than 10 minutes of big brand ads, you can earn $5 of credits and watch a movie with credits to spare. But HitBliss has a couple of critical limitations that you should know about before you get too excited. First, the service works on computers only, meaning no mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You will download the program to your desktop or laptop. (However, the company has plans for both iOS and Android apps, spokesman Eric Gonzalez told us.) Second, you really have to watch the ads to prove it throughout the viewing period. Miss a prompt and you’ll have to start over. Privacy may also be a concern, and if that’s the case for you, you’d be better off paying money to watch movies and TV. ] Because you’re “paying” by watching ads, you’ll need to submit personal information to the site that HitBliss then shares with participating advertisers.

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‘Insidious: Chapter Two’ is a fun and frightening follow-up September 14, 2013 It seems every Friday the 13th is an opportunity for Hollywood to roll out a horror movie and this year was no exception. The big sequel Insidious: Chapter 2 opened yesterday and judging by the size of the… ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’ and you will too September 6, 2013 After languishing in legal limbo for seven years, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally getting a well-deserved national release. It became available on VOD Friday, September 6. And it gets a national release in theaters… ‘You’re Next’ lives up to its horror hype August 24, 2013 The buzz was true. Youre Next has been talked about with great enthusiasm since its midnight showing at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2011 (http://bit.ly/17FRKYw). And the plaudits are entirely deserved… 10 ways to improve the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con August 11, 2013 The Wizard World Chicago Comic Con has been going on since 1972 and keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. However, that doesnt mean its necessarily getting better. Quite the contrary, as this year’s… Check out the latest horror B’s on VOD August 10, 2013 On those weekends when no big Hollywood horror movie opens, like that of August 9, you can always find plenty of scary films worth a look on VOD. Usually, cable companies stockpile old horror flicks too, with a catalogue of… De Palma fails to thrill in his new ‘Passion’ August 4, 2013 It would be thrilling to report that Brian De Palmas new thriller Passion was indeed that.

Writer/director/star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson in "Don Jon," his directing debut, opening Friday.

The Long Goodbye Another burnt-out detective, Elliott Goulds Philip Marlowe came from the pages of Raymond Chandlers last completed novel, but drastically updated for the 1970s. The mumbling, shambling Marlowe seems lost in a garish world of hippie chicks and potheads and cant even manage to locate cat food for his demanding cat. In The Long Goodbye (1973), he becomes entangled with a murder mystery and a case of a missing husband, two cases that seem increasingly connected. Ultimately, its less about the solution of the mystery than about the crumbling of ideals. Sterling Hayden plays the Hemingway-like husband, and Nina Van Pallandtwho in real life was dating the fake Howard Hughes biographer Clifford Irvingplays his wife. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a very early role as a thug. The great Leigh Brackett is credited with the screenplay, and composer John Williams provides a weird score: a collection of alternate versions of the same song. Robert Altman directs all of it with his usual brilliant, rambling, observant style. Timeline (coming 10/1) Heres yet another underappreciated movie, though this time its a slick popcorn movie rather than a demanding work of artistic genius. Adapted from a novel by Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park), Timeline (2003) tells the fairly simple story of a group of archeologists traveling back to the 14th century to rescue a professor; unfortunately, they end up in the middle of a major battle between the French and English. Director Richard Donners simple, entertaining style has worked since the days of The Omen, Superman, The Goonies, and Lethal Weapon, and it works again here. The cast, including Paul Walker and Gerard Butler, isnt exactly memorable, but Donner allows them moments to breathe among the fantasy, focusing more on characters and excitement than on effects. Comedian Billy Connolly and cutie-pie Frances OConnor also star. The Italian Job (coming 10/1) Released early in the summer of 2003, The Italian Job (2003)a remake of a 1969 UK filmwas a solid hit, even though it eventually made less money than the years more bloated, less intelligent hits. Directed by F.