Some Of Most Pirated Movies Not Even Available Legitimately: Report

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Corroborating this statement is a report by The Washington Post that points out to a website called that shows whether or not popular movies being downloaded are available via legitimate means or not. The website mashes up the list of 10 most pirated movies that TorrentFreak releases every week along with data from CanIStreamIt, a search engine that lets users find legit sources of buying or renting movies. Getting into the depth of piracy One look at the website and youll probably know what exactly is going wrong with piracy. Over the past 3 weeks, says the website, only 53 percent of the most-pirated movies have been available legally in one digital format or the other. Only 20 percent of these have been available for rental or streaming. None of the movies in the list had been available for legal streaming. Currently, in the list of 10 movies, four movies White House Down, Elysium, the Mortal Instruments City of Bones and 2 Guns are not available either for streaming, digital rental or digital purchase. Only three movies in the list The Lone Ranger, After Earth and This is the End are available for both digital rental and purchase. Whats worse, most of these movies do not even end up getting released in India. Digital rental and purchase is still a nascent concept in the country and piracy is therefore the go-to option for most in the country. The same holds true with television shows that have a bustling fan base in India. Till the TV channels manage to air the heavily edited versions of television show seasons, most would have already downloaded and seen the show in its entirety. There are two main issues that the movie and television industry would do well to look at.

Movies opening Friday, Oct. 18

This documentary ventures outside the realm of polemics to examine the dangers doctors endure to provide safe procedures for women coping with unfathomable decisions. Rated PG-13. Note: Filmmaker Martha Shane will appear at select shows at the Roxie ; check website ( ) for more information. Broadway Idiot It’s one of the weirder career arcs we’ve seen: Green Day making the leap from East Bay punks to savvy stadium band to Broadway. The documentary tracks the band’s role in the Broadway show, the hurdles and learning curve in adapting the music into a show, and the illuminating effect it’s had on front man Billie Joe Armstrong . Not rated. Carrie This reimagining of the classic horror tale makes a couple of distinct points: Don’t mess with a girl and her senior prom, and bullying bounces back. Chloe Grace Moretz kicks butt in a telekinetic way, with Julianne Moore as her devout mama. Rated R. Concussion In this sexual drama, Abby awakens the morning after getting hit in the head and sees her existence with new eyes. Domesticity – a house, kids, a wife, a career – seems so staid. She wants to stretch herself as Eleanor, embracing a double life as a prostitute. Rated R. Escape Plan A mastermind of structural security ( Sylvester Stallone ) ticks off the wrong scumbags, becoming ensnared in one of his deviously designed prisons. Despite the grim scenario, he refuses to accept being framed, incarcerated and out of touch.

Hindi movies streaming website Spuul to raise $10m

RELATED SINGAPORE: Singapore-based Spuul, an online streaming site for Bollywood movies, classic Indian movies and TV shows, is in discussions with venture capitalists to raise $10 million to finance expansion of its operations. According to The Straits Times, Spuul especially wants to expand its reach in the larger Indian market. “The funds will be used to expand our technical infrastructure and team, provide marketing activities and create content,” said co-founder and chief technical officer S Mohan. Discussions with venture capital firms in the United States, Britain and Singapore are ongoing, he said. Spuul is streaming 2,000 movies daily and adding 30% viewers every month. Spuul has about 1,000 movies in its library. Two thirds of its current one million viewers were from India, watching movies on their PCs, smartphones and tablets. It expects to have six million viewers in the next six to 12 months and 600 million over the next five years, comprising viewers in the Indian subcontinent, Indian professionals and their families in other countries as well as Bollywood fans. The Indian market had 137 million internet users last year, up 26% from 2011. Fifteen million broadband connections were added in India between January and May this year. Spuul chief executive officer and co-founder Subin Subaiah said the company would keep adding new features to make it convenient for its viewers. Today, Spuul has launched Offline Sync , which lets customers view content without being connected to the internet. Going forward, Spuul wants to produce its own movies, capitalising on the 35 years of experience of chairman and co-founder Sudesh Iyer. Iyer has helped produced Indian movies and TV programmes as well as set up the Sony Entertainment TV in India, according to the Singapore Daily report.