Taylor Swift’s Vma F-bomb: Ed Sheeran Says It Was Meant For Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez takes her Stars Dance tour to Amsterdam with a ridiculously overactive smoke machine – Pics

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Yup – Selenz stopped off in the Netherlands to do her infamous wafty arm dance and urge fans to come and get it for a few hours. If only they could see her through the fog. Only in Amsterdam, eh. And do you know what else Selena Gomez has? Hair. So. much. frickin’ hair. And when the smoke machine had decided to pipe down a bit, it was time for the wind machine to take centre stage. Like…seriously, when a picture’s more barnet than backing band you know you’ve reached a ten on the Selena Scale. GURL.

Is That Deliberate? Selena Gomez Greets Fans With Half-Unbuttoned Shirt (PHOTOS)

3, 2013 9:12 AM PDT Loading… Mystery solvedthanks to Ed Sheeran! Taylor Swift ‘s apparent F-bomb became one of the most talked about moments from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards last week, after the country crooner appeared to throw some serious shade at ex Harry Styles . But now, Sheeran is clearing up any lingering confusion and sticking up for his pal. At the awards, the 23-year-old songbird was sitting with BFF Selena Gomez while One Direction was onstage. The camera cut to Taylor, who seemed to be mouthing the words “Shut the f–k up,” causing many to believe the subtle diss was meant for her former flame. PHOTO: Taylor Swift cozies up to Harry Styles at VMA afterparty But during a recent meet and greet in Portland, Ore., Sheeran clarified that the F-bomb was directed towards Gomez, as Swift was responding to Selena predicting Miley Cyrus would win the award for Best Pop Video (the “Come and Get It” singer later took home the accolade). Sheeran also added that Swift was well aware her slipup was caught on camera and instantly knew the moment was bound to create some buzz (and an endless supply of GIFs). “She went over to me straight after and said, ‘I think I messed up,'” the redheaded cutie clarified. NEWS: Best and worst moments at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Despite the uncomfortable incident, Taylor and Harry managed to make nice at the VMA afterparty at the Soho Grand Hotel, where they even posed for a pic with a group of pals . But while Sheehan had no trouble dishing deets on the much buzzed-about moment, Gomez chose to remain mum when recently asked about the incident. “Why don’t you ask Taylor?” the 21-year-old pop star told E!

Selena Gomez Greets Fans With Half-Unbuttoned Shirt (PHOTOS) EntertainmentWise 14 hours ago Print Selena Gomez clearly needed to cool down in Paris today, as she was spotted with her shirt only half buttoned-up. The singer, who has adopted a much more risque image since the launch of her latest album Stars Dance, was otherwise pretty covered up in pale blue jeans, so perhaps the scorching weather made her need a bit more of a breeze. Selena Gomez steps out in Amsterdam (Splash News) The star stopped as she left the NRJ radio studios in the French capital to greet a waiting army of fans. She happily posed for pics with them before heading off to her next appointment. She is currently working her way around Europe with tour dates in support of her latest LP, and will be in London this weekend for a couple of shows at the Hammersmith Apollo. Selena shows some skin as she takes pics with fans (Splash News) It’s been a big year for Selena, who has suffered her fair share of ups and downs. She’s had relentless break-up and reunion drama with Justin Bieber , she’s scored her first Billboard No1 hits, and she’s also left her Disney days firmly behind her with a role in the outrageous Spring Breakers. However her film career has suffered a minor blow this week with the release of Getaway alongside Ethan Hawke. The movie tanked at the US box office upon its release last weekend, and has generated the worst reviews of 2013 so far on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes – with a score even lower than the rating achieved by Movie 43. Speaking to the New York Daily News, the Come and Get It babe admitted she finds it hard to ignore gossip. “It does get to me,” she confessed,” I’m a human and I feel those emotions of when people talk about you.