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Jones, whose company Global Gumbo Group is organising Dubai Music Week. I have done this for 65 years and developed all over the world. I just love to help young people do music. Global Gumbo Group is a joint venture between Mr. Jones and Badr Jafar, the Emirati social entrepreneur and managing director of Crescent Petroleum. Both partners have invested capital in the business, according to Mr. Jafar, and have signed an agreement with the Dubai government to bring Dubai Music Week to the emirate for five years, as well as two other festivals called Dubai Rocks and Dubai Classics, which will launch early next year. Siedah Garrett singing I Just Cant Stop Loving You at Dubai Music Week, hosted by Quincy Jones A project such as Dubai Music Week does have tremendous potential for social impact and has the potential to be profitable in the long term, says Mr. Jafar, who booked Will.i.am, Timbaland and Selena Gomez for the main concerts this year, but plans to book more niche, lesser well-known acts for Dubai Rocks and Dubai Classics. The move to offer bands or acts that have not necessarily shot to global stardom yet is a fairly new trend in Dubai, as expats and citizens have generally been viewed as having less sophisticated musical palates than other markets. Yes, many acts with blockbuster appeal have been booked in the past year Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Katy Perry and Alicia Keys but promoters are also signing smaller bands that have a more niche appeal, such as The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men, who are supporting The Killers at the Sandance festival. When it comes to acts that are less commercial in their pull, then festivals work better, explains Thomas Ovesen, chief operating officer at Done Events, the promoter that booked The Lumineers for a new festival it is organising in February called RedFest DXB, in conjunction with Virgin Radio Dubai. Mr. Ovesen hopes to sign up more smaller acts and sell 20,000 tickets at 250 U.A.E. dirhams ($68) to AED300 over two days to break even.

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LoPrete’s Tumblr feed has essentially one joke, but for fans of The Smiths (myself included), it’s a good one. But the music publishing arm of Universal Music Group, one of the three major record companies, apparently doesn’t find that joke funny anymore. Or at least its lawyers don’t. Last week, LoPrete posted a note on her page saying that she was going to have to stop the simulated music in the face of a growing number of requests from Universal Music Group to remove the material from Tumblr. She’d received a total of six takedown notices for three separate posts, and said more were coming in every hour. She’s received an outpouring of support online, though, and is pushing back. On Monday, her lawyer filed a counter-notice with Tumblr asking that the three posts be restored. “These brief excerpts [from The Smiths’ lyrics] are used to transformative effect,” wrote attorney Dan Booth. “They also have no commercial purpose, and cannot have any negative effect on the market for the original works. As a result, the takedown notices are erroneous.” Booth’s note touches on all four of the criteria in federal copyright law for judging whether a use is fair or infringing. This Charming Charlie doesn’t copy entire songs, it puts the lyrics in a wholly new context (arguably as a parody of The Smiths, which provides yet more legal protection), it doesn’t sell its content, and if anything, the page stokes demand for The Smiths’ music. The band broke up more than 25 years ago, so Universal should actually be thanking LoPrete for drawing a new generation’s attention to its work. That’s what makes this case seem like it’s not a close call. Nevertheless, Booth said, an attorney for Universal Music Publishing told him that the company was still considering whether to sue LoPrete for copyright infringement.

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Patrons can select a premade doughnut or elect to create their own from a wide variety of gourmet fillings and toppings. As Trombino puts it, its like Pinkberry but with doughnuts. our editor recommends PHOTOS: Hollywood Power Players Choose Their Favorite Chefs I went to a show in Orange County, and on the way back a friend of mine said, Hey I heard about this doughnut shop in Glendora where they put fresh fruit in the doughnuts, Trombino tells The Hollywood Reporter . It was so good and I was like, Why doesnt everybody do this? Its so easy. I started thinking about it. I stewed on that for years — this was like five years ago. The music business is not doing so great and budgets are small, so two years ago it was like I had to either double down and build myself a recording studio or do something completely new. I opted for something completely new. Trombino has been working on the shop since 2011, focusing on creating a place that would be inviting and open to any sort of customer — not just the hipsters who have recently begun to infiltrate Highland Park. The shop will serve regular doughnuts as well as baked, gluten-free and vegan options. They are currently testing recipes for the coveted cronut, a combination doughnut and croissant that has recently been a sensation in New York City. Donut Friend will also serve Klatch coffee, a company local to Southern California. The preset doughnut menu items trace back to Trombinos music career and are all puns on various punk and emo band names, many of which hes worked with. Some highlights include The Starting Lime, Jimmy Eat Swirl and Rites of Sprinkles, which is Trombinos personal favorite. It was this silly concept, Trombino says. A friend and I were talking about it, and he came up with Jimmy Eat Swirl as a name for one of the doughnuts and it was just so funny.

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Lyrical melodies and rhythms of about sixty to eighty beats a minute, which is common to much classical music and bird song, can stimulate relaxation and alpha brain waves, a type of pattern associated with wakeful relaxation. Yet music that departs from either of those tempos confers none of the benefits. On September 12th, the Teikyo University team received public recognition for their efforts: the IgNobel Prize in Medicine, awarded annually for research that makes people laugh and then think. The implications of their findings may well contribute to more successful organ-transplant surgeries in humans in the future, at little additional medical cost beyond a simple music file. And they may prompt more careful consideration of the exact type of music thats being played; Enya unfortunately has been a frequent therapeutic choice of prior researchers. This all comes, of course, with a major disclaimer: what works in mice may not work in humans. In mental health, obesity, and some subsets of oncology , the mouse-to-human translation is fraught with uncertainty. Decades of work on inflammatory diseases, for instance, have led to the sad conclusion that mouse models are severely limited, if not counterproductive, when it comes to humans. As Clif Barry, the chief of the Tuberculosis Research Section at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, once told Slate , The truth is that for some questions, mice give you a very nice and easy model system for understanding whats happening in humans, but mice are mice, and people are people. If we look to the mouse to model every aspect of the disease for man, and to model cures, were just wasting our time. In fact, most research on the therapeutic benefits of music in humans has been conducted on either older patients or infantsindividuals who are more likely to prefer opera or classical music based on personal taste, on the one end, and, on the other, whove yet to develop any personal preferences at all. Babies are, in that latter sense, a bit more like mice, responding to the basic characteristics of the music rather than the music itself. For the generations in the middle, though, for whom opera may be somewhat foreign or a sign of generational rebellion, self-selected alternatives may be the better option. In a recent review of the data on music use in modern medicine, the biologist Guenther Bernatzky and his colleagues concluded that, as long as the music follows certain basic parameters, patient self-selection offers the best results in surgical outcomes.