When My Daughter Saw The Music

ADDING MULTIMEDIA Country Music Duo Thompson Square Partners with Luden’s to Celebrate “Voices Worth Hearing”

3 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. He was 77. The cause was congestive heart failure, said his daughter, Debbi Cerri. PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2012 Mr. Cerri started out as an announcer in Utica, N.Y., during high school. He moved to Washington in 1960 and soon joined the staff of WAVA-FM, where he created the show Music Americana, the Folk Music of America. He moved on to host and produce at several radio stations in the area, including many years on WLTT-FM, taking his show (shortened to Music Americana) with him. I dont have a degree in musicology or years of study on a musical instrument, he told The Washington Post in 1986. To me, those are the experts. Im a little embarrassed by that label. I have never looked at this music as scholarship. I guess my mind remembers a lot of things about the people I met and the music I played. I consider myself a professional spectator. Folk music, he added, reflects what is going on at the moment, and that is always changing. What was happening in the 1960s made it a natural period for folk music to come up and be as popular as it was. Now we dont have pop folk music on the charts.

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Ludens is known for soothing voices everywhere. Now we want to celebrate those voices, and what better way to do that than through music, said Albert Hwang, vice president of marketing for Ludens and its parent company, Prestige Brands. When we first heard and then met Keifer and Shawna Thompson, we knew we had found the right partners for our new Voices Worth Hearing campaign. Their own story is inspiring, and we knew they could inspire others to share their voices. The story of Thompson Square is a well-known one in Music City. Arriving in Nashville the same week – Keifer from Miami, Okla., Shawna from Chatom, Ala. – the two met almost immediately at a singing competition, and have been inseparable since. The duos self-titled first album was released in 2011 and spawned the double platinum #1 hit, Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not. The 2013 CMA nominees second album, Just Feels Good, is in stores now. They are two-time Academy of Country Music Award winners and a Country Music Association Award winner as well as GRAMMY and American Music Award nominees. They are currently on tour with Country superstar Luke Bryan. Both Shawna and I are big fans of Ludens and use it all the time, said Keifer Thompson. Since we hear from our fans so often, we also loved the idea of the Voices Worth Hearing campaign. We look forward to working with Ludens to find the many talented voices out there, and to share them with our fans. For more information about Ludens soothing throat drops, visit www.ludens.com . About Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. ( PBH ) The Company markets and distributes brand name over-the-counter and household products throughout the U.S., Canada, and certain international markets. Core brands include Chloraseptic sore throat treatments, Clear Eyes eye care products, Compound W wart treatments, The Doctors NightGuard dental protector, The Little Remedies and PediaCare lines of pediatric over-the-counter products, Efferdent denture care products, Ludens throat drops and Dramamine motion sickness treatment, Debrox ear wax remover, Beano digestive aid, Gaviscon antacid in Canada, and BC and Goodys headache powders.

Her answer would change the way I looked at light forever. “I see the music,” she said. When we first suspected that Brooke was experiencing seizures, we went to see a neurologist at Children’s Hospital of Boston. He was old and his ideas about autism were older. Within thirty seconds of entering the room, it was clear that the last thing he’d read about autism was Leo Kanner’s original paper in 1943. Despite having just met her, the doctor rattled on about the savant-like splinter skills that he was sure that she had and that would, he said with all the confidence of someone who had no idea what he was talking about, compensate for all of her challenges. We left. And I was livid. My daughter is not, as far as we can tell, a prodigy. She did not come out of the womb playing the violin nor did she begin composing concertos at the age of six. At ten, she is not on what appears to be a path to musical mastery. She doesn’t paint breathtaking landscapes nor choreograph elaborate ballets.